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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Back For MOP

For the past days , i played World Of Warcraft : Mists Of Pandaria on the 10 days trial , because i was afraid that the game is not fun anymore , or even was customized for young folks , but i was totally wrong , with all of my 85s , i had fun , so i started to play each of them to see what its like to play them with the new changes.

-The Hunter :
  i started my hunter asap i logged in , since he was my main favourite character during WOLTK , but not that much actually during cataclysm so i wanted to play with him again, i really became happy with hunter , foucs mechanics got fixed so you wont hunger for focus all the time , procs are lovely , and finally with Beast Mastery , its now a really true spec , like it never was before , its actually #1 dps at the current patch, you will see lovely numbers , and with Lynx Rush you can AoE with your pet.

-The Warrior :
Well , the buffs we got at start of cataclysm then the huge nerf after until mop hit , made almost all warrior players reroll the class , but for my warrior "she" was my PVP main during cataclysm ,even though the many disadvantages she had , but it was fun . Now on MoP its a different story , no more slam cast , no more rend , no more shields for reflects , no more stance switching as well , no more bladestorm useless talent , which am using Shockwave instead !! yes even if am arms , since the new talents system is awesome!!.

-The Druid:
Didnt play on him except for restoration , and to be honest doesnt feel that huge difference , except a new fun feature exists now , that with glyph , your Travel From turns into a Deer , so you can carry friends on your back , love it!.

-The Paladin:
I was playing retribution , but didnt try holy , but retri is a killer , more instant stuff , less mana consumption , and Templars Verdict got a fixed animation that looks like Devine Storm , except its one hammer that waves around until it hits the target . Paladin is fun to play like always , exorcism gives holy power , and lastly you have 5 holy power space , since max hits need 3 holy power , you will have the extra 2 reserved for your next hit.

-The DK:
Blood DK tanking is easy mode!! your blood boil can spread your diseases now , else not much difference for me since i always played with DK as tank.

-The Mage:
Fire mage ! , my fire mage hits with no mercy , fire blast now spreads your firebomb and combustion!! so yes your aoe now hurts like its crazy , it was my favorite change in average to the rest of my classes.

-The Priest:
i felt like , priest doesnt go oom like in the past , now your able to spam more with heals , just like shaman and paladin.

-The Warlock:
when i say a spec , it seriosuly means a spec , all of the three warlock's specs are different from each other , different mechanics and different resource -including mana- , sadly didnt play him that much.

-The Rogue:
Just one thing , more easy to play , some nerfs at sides and some buffs at sides , so ill say rogues go balanced this patch.

-The Shaman:
My PVE main during cataclysm , as resto and encha .. is even more awesome , with totems mainly they are not the same , you wont throw them to the ground and forget them for 7 minutes , but else glyphs now are a temporary buff that have cool down , which you will want to use it in certain cases not throw them down at start of encounter and thats it ! , but now abit of a smarter decision need to be taken during fight , like healing stream totem.

That was my impression about my characters, so thats it for now! cya later!


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